How it Works

Dyno Tuning - 400/hr

In Dyno Tuning, a vehicle is strapped on to a "benchmark" machine where the total power output is measure at the wheels. The ECU software is then modified using a laptop until the desired optimum output is achieved. This usually involved modifying the Spark Advance, A/F ratios, Boost (If FI) and dozens of other variables. For a stock or lightly modified Subaru this process usually takes about one hour and does not require any hardware.

Road Tune - 250/hr

Road tuning is similar to dyno tuning with exception that the power output is estimated by computer software and the testing is performed on closed roads or track. This process usually takes one hour and does not require any hardware. This is the more affordable alternative that gives 90% of what a dyno protune achieves.

E-Tuning - 200Flat

This type of tuning is done via Internet using email and other communication channels. This requires user to have the necessary hardware such as Tactrix 2.0 or Cobb AP. Tunes are e-mailed and the user is required to create log. This option is good for clients who are remotely located.

Supported ECUs:

# 2004-2014 Impreza WRX/STI
# 2002-2015 Impreza 2.5i/2.0i
# 2005-2014 Legacy/Outback
# 2004-2013 Forester X/XT
# 2004-2006 Baja Turbo
* Customer accepts All risk responsiblities for the tune

  • "Tuning takes just one hour!"
  • "Have 4 years of Road/Dyno Tuning Experience "
  • "Customized protuning, e-tuning or flashing pre-defined maps'."