Performance Gains:

Guaranteed improvement in power and torque using a fast and realible software tune up that usually takes only an hour to perform. This tune can also take advantage of any performance 'mods' that the car posseses (stage2+) along with MAF scaling for aftermarket intakes.

Pops and Bangs:

"Pops & Bangs" or sometimes wrongly refered to as "backfiring" or "Schubblubbern" is the sound crackling from exhaust due to fuel burn off and detonation in headers and exhaust ports on overrun. This can help to keep the turbocharger's spinning and thus greatly reduce boost lag on tip-in. You can call this Anti-Lag as well.

Fuel Economy:

Improved fuel economy by optimizing Air/Fuel ratios, ignition timing and VVT system during cruising events.

Idle and Startup:

Improve cold and hot temprature idling by modifying the engine speed (RPM), fueling and timing. This can solve side effects associated with bigger CAMS, injectors or fuel systems.

Rev Hang:

Fix for the drive-by-wire system's rev-hang on lift off or in between shifts. This can be solved by tuning the throttle maps.

  • "Reliable, affordable and it's what YOU want!."
  • "Two years of experience in Open Source Subaru Tuning."
  • "Tuning can simply be put as creating a map which ensures the engine's components work together in harmony to make the best 'burn'."